For the last thirteen years I have been working as a graphic designer in Bendigo. The majority of my current work involves creating 3D imagery and animation for TV, Email Campaigns, Marketing, Maps, PreVis for Architecture, Illustration and Colour for kids books, Technical Consultation, Staff Training, and various other projects. I still love designing and animating for more traditional projects when they come along.

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Goldfields Libraries

Since late 2013 I have been working with the Goldfields Libraries, at first to help apply their new brand to stationary and various other design jobs. My favorite job has been the Goldfield Libraries Seasonal Program. Working closely with Library staff Bridget Robertson and Shae Hellstedt we created a program that covered all the upcoming events for the Goldfields Libraries. (covers below)


I created this 3D map of the Bendigo Senior Secondary College for my good friends at Studio Ink. Maps in a 3D semi-realistic look are very easy to use due to the ability to instantly see a feature and associate it with its physical counterpart.

Maps in this format are very versatile and can be rendered at any angle and at any size, making it easy to add to the map over time and even modify quickly to fit out for special events and functions.

There are also varying levels of detail the maps can be produced in to meet a wide range of budgets and needs.

bssc Map

Inside Out Exhibition


UK- 2010-2011
Righton Gallery, Manchester, UK
DMU Cube Gallery, Leicester, UK
The Poly,  Falmouth, UK.

AUS- 2010
Object Gallery, The Australian Centre for Design, Sydney, Australia

I was one of 46 3D digital artists invited to be part of the international Inside Out resin sculpture exhibition.

Bendigo Blues And Roots Music Festival 2016 TVC

30 Second TVC Spot for Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival. Working with Studio Ink, who did the branding and design work for the Festival. The most challenging part was recreating Dale's dragon illustration into 3D space while maintaining it's illustrated feel and being faithful to the original work.

Also, I was proud to be a sponsor this year, as it is a fantastic event for Bendigo.

Kerbside Pride Animations

I teamed up with Frida Petrie and Marty Schoo from Design is Ripe again to help create the new set of Kerbside pride television commercials. I love working in 2D animation, and its even better working within Frida's style guide.

Composting: Feed your garden valuable scraps from Kerbside Pride on Vimeo.


The Red Series

The Red Series is a set of three giclee prints created exclusively for Bob Boutique. The prints follow Red Riding Hood being stalked by the wolf down the path to grandma’s. I tried to capture the feel of old German etchings with the composition, hazy depth and the pure level of detail of the forest.
Red Series

Bendigo Inventor Awards 2011

Young Inventor Of the Year

While at Stanford Marketing I worked on the branding for the 2011 Bendigo Inventor awards. I created an updated version of the previous years branding for the overall event, and created a new branding for the Young Inventor of the Year segment. Both Brands were worked into brochures, advertisements, postcards, banners, TV commercials, giant cheques and the Bendigo Myer's window.

Join Thetowards Zero Waste Challenge& start reducing your waste Today!

Zero Waste Group Bendigo is the recycling section of the Bendigo Sustainability Group Inc. The group is dedicated to recycling and the reduction of waste in Bendigo. I volunteered here, developing branding, email campaigns, and other illustrations and design.

The group’s main project, 'Towards Zero Waste Challenge' is the first project to receive its new look. Hopefully you will be seeing this around during the challenge.

Bath Lane Bakery

This logo was produced for Bath Lane Bakery when they first moved into the Bendigo Bank complex. It was one of the first businesses to move in, and it needed a much more modern look to fit in with the new building.

Bendigo Pottery Function Centre

For this logo, I wanted to draw upon the rich history of the Bendigo Pottery, as well as create something that would fit into todays market place. It was also important that the logo could cover a wide audience range and suit multiple purposes from weddings, parties and other events effortlessly.

Thank You For Visiting

Thank you for visiting. I hope you have enjoyed this small selection of my work. A More extensive folio is available on request. If you let me know the type of design you are interested in seeing I can put together a custom folio for you.

I am currently under contract at a design firm, however I am still available for freelance with the condition that any jobs do not conflict or compete with my current position. I will let clients know during initial contact whether or not I can proceed with their work. I don't imagine this will affect many clients, but wanted to give notice of this situation.


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